The department of Public Relations and Publicity with its two graduate programmes both in master of arts in communication marketing and doctoral programme in public relations and publicity provide students competency in the field.

The graduate programme in marketing communication that has been accepting students since 2008-2009 academic year, and doctoral programme in public relations and publicity that has started in 2012-2013 academic year; offer theoretical knowledge and project applications on such basic aspects of marketing like production and distribution as wells as communication, persuasion and prestige which are values that have gained a primordial importance in modern society.

Products and production and distribution processes have become similar to each other as a result of the easy accessibility of technology in today’s society. Practice of marketing communication is the main factor that determines the conditions of competition in this new environment. These practices cover activities directed in various segments like public relations, brand management and advertising. In this context, graduate programme in Marketing “Communication” and doctoral programme in “Public Relations and Publicity” cover basic courses on consumer culture, consumer behaviour, marketing communication and brand management, and also such topics from a wide range of fields as new trends in advertising and marketing, international applications, campaign design, art, digital marketing.

Graduate programme in “Marketing Communication” and doctoral programme in “Public Relations and Publicity” in Maltepe University Graduate School of Social Sciences, make it possible for students to attend courses in other graduate programs aiming to meet the expectations of students, who want to develop themselves both in academic and business life, by giving them the opportunity to determine  their own career programs.   

Prof. Dr. Filiz DEMİR OTAY
Head of Department,
Department of Public Relations and Publicity

[email protected]