Communication Studies Doctorate Program, started to study in 2009-2010 spring semester in the communication department.Starting from the claim that interdisciplinary work is indispensable for social sciences, Communication Studies Doctoral Program contains all nonverbal, verbal and visual studies. In this context, program displays its interdiscsiplinary attitude through both compulsory subjects relating to methodology and theory within a vast area and elective lessons focusing on different fields of specialty within Radio, Cinema and Television, Public Relations and Publicity, Visual Communication Design, Journalism departments.

Communication Studies Doctoral Program, conducted by expert academics, covers a period of 4 years for masters of social sciences, including dissertation thesis. Courses are given in the evening. Program is open to graduates of B.A and M.A in different fields with neccessary qualifications. If neccessary, preperation courses are given. Institutional help needed by students in connection with different sciences especially during thesis writing, is provided by elective courses in various fields.
The objective of the program is to enable communication studies to gain interdisciplinary, critical, flexible, original, transformative, innovative qualities.Program aims to gain leadership in the field of communication studies through new methods and theoretical approaches that it introduces.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gürdal ÜLGER
Head of Department,
Department of Communication Studies