“Psychology, Human Sciences and Philosophy” Master Program has started in 2002-2003 academic year at Social Sciences Institute of our university. Starting with 2007-2008 academic year, four disciplines have been included in Department of Philosophy: “Philosophy of Education”, “Ethics and Applied Ethics”, “Philosophy” and “Philosophy and Social Policy”.
Philosophy Master Program determines to provide that learners have the skills to resolve philosophical problems; improve their comprehending, analyzing and interpreting skills; use a philosophical perspective and mentality to comprehend the bonds and engagements between things. Along with the general objectives or the program, the specific objectives can be outlined as follows: Considering the history of philosophy but not focusing on solely the past (because current expectations from philosophy is not learning about the past only); analyzing the society and contemporary ways of thinking using various ways of thinking from the past; preparing for, even assisting the design of tomorrow’s world with this perspective.  
Philosophy Doctoral Programme has been started to education 2006-2007 academic year. Maltepe University Philosophy Doctoral Programme, driving from the conception of bearing in mind the said basic function of philosophy education, aims to raise individuals who will contribute both to national and international cultural world with their studies, to produce projects and/or by assuming active roles in existing projects, will benefit from the method of having a philosophical point of view in facing modern problems.  
Maltepe University Philosophy Doctoral Program, with its course schedule intense in subjects in areas such as individual-civil, social-public relations and human rights, during our country’s road to European Union membership, targets to educate individuals who can comprehend the dynamics of social restructure and give directions to this process. The support given to this process towards this target can be considered in two ways: First, Philosophy Doctoral Program will contribute to the intellectual world in education future academicians; secondly, by contributing to the education of high school teachers, will assist is the onset of philosophy based education reaching its competence.
Prof. Dr. Betül ÇOTUKSÖKEN
Head of the Department of Philosophy