Established at the Psychology, Human Sciences and Philosophy Department under the Institute of Social Sciences, our Department has been accepting students under the Department of Psychology title since the 2006 - 2007 academic year. Currently there are programs being offered in three concentrations in the field of Psychology; Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Industrial Psychology.
In the Clinical Psychology program theoretical knowledge is presented in the first two semesters followed by two semesters of internships in the field of clinical psychology, as well as analysis of clinical cases under the supervision of experts in the field and thesis work.
In the Development Psychology program theoretical knowledge pertaining to the cognitive and psychosocial development of children, adolescents and youth is presented and consolidated to apply these to the present lives. After two semesters students begin their thesis work.
In the Industrial Psychology program theoretical and practical instruction is provided on the operation of establishments, an indispensible part of our professional lives, as well as touching on topics such as leadership properties, motivation and job satistaction of establishment employees. Following the delivery of theoretical knowledge, students begin their thesis work from the third semester on.

Open to admissions since the 2008-2009 spring semester, this program accepts students in the field of Developmental Psychology. The program has been developed to allow for a more in-depth theoretical analysis of the properties of individuals' psychological development, to develop the analysis and synthesis abilities in this field and to enable participants to make deductions regarding how the socio-historical environment affects development.

Prof. Dr. Nermin ÇELEN 
Head of the Department