The graduates of all Sociology and other social sciences from various universities of Turkey are seen as candidates for T.C. Maltepe University Sociology Masters Program. Contrary to traditional approaches, in the department of sociology "theory", "research" and "application/implementation" are not treated as separate orientations and activities, rather it is emphasized that these are inseparable aspects of sociological investigation and work. By this way, fundamental theories, concepts and instruments of analysis of sociology are taught together with application. Following these objectives, T.C. Maltepe University Sociology Masters Program is configured as with and without thesis.

Doctoral Program in Sociology at Maltepe University provides a high standard education, which is an alternative for domestic and foreign education programs, for bachelors and master’s degree holders who want to continue to doctoral studies in sociology.
The program, with its academic staff and content, is structured in order to provide its graduates with an accumulation on a level that can easily compete with the graduates of qualified doctoral programs.
In Istanbul, there are only two public universities which offer doctoral programs in sociology and the quotas of these programs fall behind the demand. Therefore, sociology students who want to continue to an academic career are directed to foreign universities. Maltepe University has the qualification of being the third university in Istanbul and the first foundation university in Turkey that offers a doctoral program in sociology.

Prof. Dr. Belma AKŞİT
Head of the Department of Sociology

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