Actively considering the influence of new developments in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management our three years old programme, either with thesis or without, is aiming to educate both experts and managers required by companies.   

During its inauguration year the programme focused on logistics, transportation, warehousing, and international trade. Today includes additional subjects, such as; warehouse design, purchasing and inventory management, quality and performance management. Moreover the number of invited speakers from industry has increased, and courses have became more case oriented.

The transformation going on within the industry is highlighting supply-demand networks design, global sourcing, information and communication technologies, contract management, risk management, green and reverse logistics.

Considering the programme as a living organism, our department follows up new developments closely and is always ready to include new courses, as well as new thesis and project subjects, is organising techical visits to logistics companies, distribution centers, production facilities in order to educate high performing supply chain professionals.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet TANYAŞ

Head of the Department

[email protected]