The need for experts who are trained to improve the quality in foreign language education has increased as a result of the new approaches appeared recently. The experts in the field of foreign language education are needed more since the relations at the international level regarding economy and education have increased due to technological improvements. European Common Language Framework which has been designed to unite European Union countries with respect to common values has affected the language policy of our country who aims to be a member of the union. The improvements mentioned above necessitated the revival of other issues in foreign language education such as program planning and evaluation, material design and evaluation, language teaching at different age groups and most importantly teacher education programs in addition to approaches and methods in language teaching. In our English Language Teaching Master’s Program, we primarily aim to provide English language teachers an opportunity to gain a researcher identity. We believe that writing a Master’s Degree Thesis which enable the candidates to conduct research, analyze research results and apply the findings to teaching will have the biggest share in their professional development.

Prof. Dr. Gürkan DOĞAN

Head of the Department of Foreign Languages Education

[email protected]